About Us

About Us

About Us

Ultima Imaging Systems Private Limited is one of the leading companies among manufacturers and suppliers of electronic display system, token display system, electronic display board, advertising display system and advertising display board. The company utilizes latest technology blended with mechanism, software and electronics to design an exciting and excellent range of electronic display systems and electronic display boards for various commercial requirements. Our range of LED signs and display boards including token display system and status display board are high in performance and quality and serve an excellent media for indoor and outdoor advertising. Attractive in looks, these offer long visibility, easily communicate with customers and help businesses such as shops, offices and other commercial entities to attract customers and generate more business. Available at competitive prices, our display boards can also be effectively used for applications such as road signals, security equipment and information display systems as in foggy and smoked conditions, these have good visibility from long distances.


We are a customer oriented company, dedicated to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. When the company was established, it was started with the objective of putting its customers always first and today that is exactly what has happened. We have adopted customer friendly services to give our customers a pleasant experience of doing business with us. We take all efforts to ensure premium quality, timely supplies, competitive prices and excellent after sales service.

Product Information

Based on microprocessor controller technology, our electronic display systems, electronic display boards are available in red, green and blue colors. Wide viewing angle and high visibility display make our electronic display boards highly suitable for use in fog and smoky conditions. Some of the advantages of our display systems are:

• User friendly keyboard operation
• Graphic displays
• 9 Speed settings
• Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor display
• Available in various boards and character sizes
• Single and multiple line display
• Low power consumption and long life
• Customizable to fulfill specific customer requirements

Our clients can use our display boards to give their business a professional image and hence to increase their profits. We accept orders in bulk as well as economic order quantities and as rule, the quality of our products and services always remains the same irrespective of the quantity desired.

Product Applications

Our quality electronic display systems and electronic display boards have found usages in following applications:

• To display Real Time Clock & Temperature for your daily clients / visitors
• To display hot deals of the day for auto deals
• Railways information
• To display daily gold and foreign exchange/rates
• To display promotional schemes for F.M.C.G. / Corporate sectors.
• Shopping malls & retail stores.
• Clubs & multiplexes
• Trade Fairs
• To display information in hotels & hospitals
• Institutions, schools, banks and ATMs.
• Traffic signals
• Pedestrian countdown system for maximum pedestrian safety.
• Amusement parks & zoos

Our Services

Some of our services in the field of electronic display boards are:

I. Advertisement in malls, retail stores & commercial complexes:Through our sophisticated LED display boards, we offer services for advertisements in shopping malls, retail stores and commercial complexes. These places are direct sale points, which can can use our attractive options to advertise and promote their products. Our offering include a wide range of indoor, outdoor, day & night visible boards that can be strategically installed to avail long term profits.

II. Information and Display in MNC’s and Corporate Houses: Our electronic display boards can be effectively used for displaying instant production figures, process data, work status information, countdown display series, combined vehicle signal to give a visual update in MNC's and corporate houses. The messages or characters can be displayed in a various sizes, colors and multiple languages.

Other Services

I. Displaying Information in Transportation Systems : Electronic LED display systems are the most preferred choice world across in mass transit co-operations. They are commonly use as coach guidance system in platforms as passenger guidance system, traffic information, traffic guidance, flight information etc.

II. Instant Communication : We help our clients' businesses in increasing their profit by offering products that offer instant communication with the customers. Our LED display boards can be effectively used to:

• Broadcast daily / hourly / news / information / hot deals / important messages.
• Advertise products with attractive options
• Promote school or sporting events
• Welcome important guests or groups
• Display arts, events, ticket sale
• Use in hospitals, medical centers
• Traffic signal management


About Us


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