Ultima Imaging Systems Pvt Ltd.


Display Systems

Our range of display systems that are used effectively for displaying instant production figures, process data, work status information, countdown display series, combined vehicle signal to give a visual update in MNC''s and corporate houses. We carry an extensive line of figure display systems, data display systems, token display systems and standard LED display systems including :

Multi Line Display Board

Multi Line Display Board

We are specialized in manufacturing tricolor Multi Line Display Board, which are widely used at airports, stock exchanges, railway stations as well as shipping ports. These can be availed in various sizes and with different tricolor combinations. Our tricolor multi line display boards have the flexibility required to serve demand of varied display counter applications.


  • Cost effective
  • Provide a quality display in a rugged industrial enclosure
  • Accompanied by expert technical support
  • Choice of display color and digit sizes ranging from 2.3" to 12" available
  • In-built integrated Ethernet port
  • Model: URM Size: 6.6" X 2.6 ft English / Hindi Matrix: 16x96

Token Display Systems

Multi Line Display Board

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Token Display Systems. 3 or 4 digits token display system with telephone keypad used for Doctors, courts to cool the Que.