Ultima Imaging Systems Pvt Ltd.


Power Saver

Safe and reliable, plug and play device maintenance free, improves the power factor and cut your electricity bill.

Power Saving Device

Multi Line Display Board

We offer very efficient, easy to install (plug and play) and maintenance free Power Saving Device that improves and stabilizes the power factor and lowers the energy consumption that helps in saving upto 22% on electricity bills.


  • Save up to 22% of electric bills
  • Increase the life span of appliance & peripheral
  • Guards against Spikes & Surges
  • Plug and play device and maintenance free
  • Assure constant voltage

Technical Specification :

  • Rated Voltage : 80-250 V ACS
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz
  • Valid For : Single Phase
  • Working Temp. : 0-60 degree centigrade